Energy drink review: Black

A sweet vanila-powered drink of fast sugar-induced rush, must be drinked cold.
Absense of citric aroma, but generous sugar content mildly tempered with shy herbal notes. The afterstaste is not impressive, but scales down well. Very faithful to the Polish tradition of energy drinks, but clearly not the top nectar.
(Note: the references to "Mike Tyson" and "The original premium black" might, by some, be considered bad taste in copywriting)

Veredict: 3/5

Type: Taurine/Caffeine (0.4/0.032 mg), sugar free.

Best drinked: Mid morning (it is not a good idea to drink mixed with Żubrówka vodka. But if you do that, don't do in the morning)

Recommended drinking time: 30+ minutes

Country: Poland

[disclaimer: This is a totally subjective review. Some review wine, food or other fancy stuff. My unsophisticated self reviews energy drinks]